Questions About Agent/Agency Verification

Why do we Verify Agents/Agencies?

Verification entails transparency and communicates the credibility of agents and agencies on our platform. Property seekers can feel confident going into transactions with Sterling Homes verified agents, as they are more likely to be legitimate and trustworthy.

Disclaimer: uses the various documents required from agencies and agents (Business Incorporation Certificates, Certificate to Commence Business, Driver’s License, Passport or National ID card) to verify that our agents are who they say they are. However, it is the responsibility of the authorities that issue these documents to validate them. only uses these documents to support the credibility of our agents to reassure seekers the agents have proven by the documents issued to them that they are legitimate. Verification does not constitute an endorsement of an agent nor does it provide a guarantee of the agent’s/agency’s business practices. Always satisfy yourself that the person/persons you contract with is/are professional and ethical before paying out any money.

How Does Sterling Homes Verify Agents/Agencies?

To verify an agent, we request their

  • Valid Driver’s License, Passport or National ID card bearing the same name as the one indicated on account

And to verify an agency, we request one of the following which bears the business name on their account:

  • Certificate to Commence Business
  • Business Incorporation Certificate

On Sterling Homes Marketplace a Certificate of Commencement or Incorporation earns the “verified star” badge:

What Does “Verified Agent” Mean?

A verified agent has furnished Sterling Homes Marketplace with additional proof of their identity as a real estate professional. The Verified Agent symbol signals credibility of the verified agent and should reassure most property seekers they are dealing with a professional.